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Our Selection

At Amaryllis Apparel, we put you first every time we add something new to our collection. When we think about what our customers want in boutique bikinis, the result is a chic collection that makes it easy to mix and match all of your favorite pieces. Buy a matching set or create your own pairing when you shop tops and bottoms separately! Check out sleek, sporty styles, feminine and delicate details, and fun retro silhouettes to find something that speaks to you!

Quality & Durability

We know the summer months mean many opportunities to wear swimsuits! We practically live in our boutique bikinis the entire season! If you’re like us, you need versatile styles that you can wear under your favorite dresses and shorts wherever you go. Choose Amaryllis Apparel for your swimsuit shopping and discover designs and styles that are perfect for the beach, pool, or anywhere in between.

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Whether you’re interested in chic bikinis or you’re looking for elevated essentials, Amaryllis Apparel wants to be your first and only stop. Our store offers a huge selection of everyday fashion that’s easy to wear and style. With our clothing, you’ll be comfortable, stylish, and oh-so-stunning! Browse everything we have to offer today when you explore our newest styles.

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