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With so many social events that have specific dress codes, you might worry about what to wear to brunch the next time you go out with your friends. However, unlike cocktail parties, work functions, and wedding events, brunch isn’t about a strict dress code.

There are tons of cute brunch outfit ideas that may fit the occasion, season, or formality level at the restaurant you’ve chosen. Once you know where and when you’re going to brunch, you can dive into the different outfits and ensembles that might be the right choice. Check out our favorite recommendations for easy, effortless weekend brunch vibes

Jeans + Blazer

This cute brunch outfit idea is a classic choice that balances formal and relaxed clothing options. Your jeans say you’re casual and easy-going, while the blazer dresses you up just enough to have a bit of a wow factor.

Even though this ensemble is simple, you can experiment a little bit with bright colors or fun patterns for your blazer. Just keep your blouse simple to ensure the blazer is the star of the show. Elevate your look a little more when you wear wedges instead of sneakers or flats.

Slacks + Tee

Our next recommendation of what to wear to brunch is the reverse of the previous look. Instead of formal on top and casual on the bottom, we’ll have you wearing formal slacks with a relaxed t-shirt. We love high-waist pants with a form-fitting tee to create a sleek, chic silhouette!

Maxi Dress

The maxi dress is a must-have in your arsenal of brunch wear! This piece is perfect for relaxed summer days and breezy boozing at an outdoor brunch space. Whether you prefer a simple, bold color or a dazzling print, what you wear to brunch is simple when a dress is involved.


model wearing a pink maxi dress

If you’re looking for a shorter dress option, there are other styles that exude the same easy energy, like the sundress. We recommend looking at midi-length styles that are a little more sophisticated than a mini dress but are not as formal as a full-length dress.


If you want to wear something incredibly versatile, a romper is the answer whenever you’re wondering what to wear to brunch that’s easy, quick, and chic. You get the femininity of a dress but the comfort of a pair of shorts. And you can dress these up or down to complete your look!


If the weather is a little cooler, and a romper doesn’t provide enough warmth, get the full-length version with a jumpsuit. This cute brunch outfit idea is generally a little more formal, but you can find casual styles with loose fits and urban materials, like denim or chambray.

T-Shirt Dress

model wearing a t-shirt dress


Another blended look that can help you figure out what to wear to brunch is the t-shirt dress. Versatile and flexible, you can dress a t-shirt dress up or down just by changing a few of your accessories. Brunching at an elegant restaurant? Heels and some jewelry are essential! Planning on an everyday brunch location? Break out the sneakers and canvas tote bag!


Loungewear and athletic clothing have really blurred the boundaries of what is appropriate to wear outside of the house. These days, you can wear loungewear to a restaurant — especially if they have an elevated silhouette. We love putting together joggers and a cropped tee for our brunch look.

Shorts + Blazer

Our last recommendation of what to wear to brunch is a casual set that takes sophisticated materials and transforms them with a contemporary twist. Instead of the traditional power suit, wear shorts with a matching blazer in a neutral hue, like beige, brown, or ivory.

Wear this outfit with heels for a more sophisticated ensemble, or pair it with tennis shoes to keep your energy grounded.

Mix & Match

Now that you know what to wear to brunch, you have a lot of experimenting to do. You can create any ensemble on this list, or mix and match different recommendations to develop a brand-new look! Just be sure to consider the weather and location of your brunch to guide your choices.

If you’re missing anything from your wardrobe to design your dream brunch outfit, don’t hesitate to browse our collection to find new and trending pieces that deliver the perfect answer of what to wear to brunch.

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