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Are you planning a summer vacation somewhere exotic, tropical, and beachy? If you’re wondering what to bring, Amaryllis Apparel has you covered with essential vacation outfit ideas that will take you from a fun day in the sun to an evening out with friends. Check out our guide today and learn about the styles you need to pack to create chic vacation outfits for every occasion.

1. Beachwear

There is a massive range of styles you can wear on the beach, including your everyday shorts and tees. But if you truly want to feel like you’re on vacation — and stand out from the crowd — you need something a little more unique. Consider pieces that are a little more eye-catching for your vacation outfit ideas, like a sheer skirt with a mesh top or a lightweight knit romper that plays peekaboo with your bathing suit underneath!

For your beachwear, we love styles that feature interesting textures and neutral colors so that the bathing suit you’re wearing shines through and makes a big splash. How cute would it be to wear a black mesh skirt that shows a hint of your tropical patterned bikini bottoms?

2. Swimwear

two models wearing animal print swimsuits

A swimsuit is a must on any beach vacation! In fact, you should probably bring a few! Depending on how long you’ll be gone, we would bring a unique swimsuit for every three days of vacation. We also think you should bring a few different colors and styles of swimsuits to mix and match with your beachwear for cute vacation outfit ideas every day you head out to the sandy shores!

Wondering what types of swimsuits to bring? We love a sporty look with a bandeau and high-rise shorts. But you should also bring a flirtatious ruffled set and a wild, animal print one-piece — just for a little variety!

3. Cover-Ups

While beachwear and cover-ups may sound similar, there are some differences between the two that make both of them a vacation essential. While beachwear doesn’t generally provide enough coverage when you’re off the beach, a cover-up allows you to transition your vacation outfit idea into something that’s appropriate to wear while exploring the town or taking a local tour. 

Cover-ups don’t always show off the swimwear underneath, but they’re still easy to take off when you hit the beach. Add one or two cover-ups to your packing list for easy, breezy transitional style!

4. Summer Dresses

model wearing a pink dress and sandals

Who doesn’t love a summer dress on a hot day? For us, this is one of the best vacation outfit ideas. We don’t even need anything else! Since summer dresses come in so many silhouettes, colors, and styles, there’s always something that matches your aesthetic and vibe for the day.

Heading out for a little shopping? A tiered maxi dress in a bright color is the perfect choice. Ready to hit the local clubs at night? Choose a tank bodycon dress or short skirt that hugs you in all the right places. Find a dress for every occasion, and maybe add a few rompers or jumpsuits to your luggage when you want to mix things up.

5. Accessories

With your chic vacation outfits picked out and ready to go, it’s time to think about accessories. Opt for sunglasses, sun hats, purses, and sandals that are versatile enough to mix and match with any vacation outfit you have is a must. Aim for neutral styles in natural materials, like raffia, linen, and straw, to exude the most relaxed vacay vibes!

6. Sunscreen

No ultimate packing list for a vacation is complete without mentioning sun protection. While it won’t affect the style of your vacation outfits, you shouldn’t leave the house without putting on sunscreen! And make sure to bring sunscreen with you everywhere you go when you pack a travel-size bottle in your purse, tote, or backpack.

Start Packing

If you’re ready to start packing for your upcoming trip but you don’t have everything you need, Amaryllis Apparel is here to help. Check out our store for more vacation outfit ideas and get the essentials that complete any packing list.

Find more inspo for summer outfits on our blog, and shop our new arrivals for the best seasonal styles!

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Ben Tabai is the Founder/CEO of Amaryllis Apparel and established the brand in 2014 as a women’s wholesale clothing business. In 2019, the company branched out into e-commerce to sell its clothing directly to consumers. Ben initially started the brand after hearing that his wife wanted cute outfits for everyday wear at affordable prices. Amaryllis Apparel is his vision for bringing easy-to-style and easy-to-wear clothing to all women at prices that are budget-friendly.