When it comes to selecting your outfit, certain clothes make you shine from head to toe! We all know the difference between regular garb and a garment that really pops. So, how do you choose the perfect piece for you? First, take a good long look at your eyes.

The Beauty of Blue

Blue eyes are iconic. No matter the shade, we all notice the brilliance of bright blue eyes. Choose clothing in classic neutral colors, such as black, grey, and white, to enhance the natural beauty of your blue eyes. Enhance these faux suede leggings with a sheer white blouse for eye-popping perfection. Pink, blue, and green clothing also brighten blue-eyes. Pair several shades together to see a compounding effect. A white sweater and blue puffer jacket (with light denim jeans and a dark blue hat) will double the distinction of your baby blues.


Puffer Jacket - Navy $29.99

Suede Leggings Charcoal Gray

Suede Leggings - Charcoal Gray $29.99

V-Neck Short Sleeve Top - White $24.99

Anti-gravity Green

Green eyes embody a world of their own. A dream world, that is. The sea of purples, deep greens, and coral colors accent green eyes in a mesmerizing way. An off-shoulder purple pullover with carefree cut-out jeans captures the unique dynamic of effortless beauty. Combine this plush twisted top with skinny jeans and coral eyeshadow for a striking combination. Leave onlookers breathless with a single sparkling glance of your dream-green beauties.


Off Shoulder Pullover Top Burgundy

Off Shoulder Pullover Top - Burgundy $29.99

Plush Twisted Back Top Olive

Plush Twisted Back Top - Olive $29.99

Hypnotic Hazel

The myriad of light dancing within hazel eyes can be best described as hypnotizing. Boost this melodious movement with a color pallet that plays to both light and dark sides. Spice up the hazel helix by looking to lavender and orange for a pop of color while mixing in the balancing burgundy and dark neutral shades. Sweet lavender leggings with a jet black cut-out sweater is a sure-fire way to light up your path ahead. Find comfort in the velvet football lace-up joggers and yoke sweater duo perfectly suited to hook the hearts of those caught in your hazel gaze.


Stretch Moto Jeggings Pink

Stretch Moto Jeggings - Pink $29.99

Cage Shoulder Cutout Top - Black $29.99

Velvet Yoke Sweater Mauve

Velvet Yoke Sweater - Mauve $34.99

Velvet Football Lace Up Joggers - Mauve $29.99

Behold, Golden Brown

Brown eyes truly shine in the light of gold. Jewelry (like gold earrings and necklaces) are especially eye-catching when sparkling near luminous brown eyes. Khaki greens, soft pinks, and deep denim blues also spotlight the engaging depths beneath brown eyes. When properly pronounced, this neutral color becomes a bottomless well of mercurial liquid to forever fall in. This basic top in powder pink is instantly charming. This shawl-collar trench top stands out against a black top and bottom backdrop and, for all you brown-eyed girls, highlights the windows to the soul.

V-Neck Short Sleeve Top Powder Pink

V-Neck Short Sleeve Top - Powder Pink $24.99

Shawl Collar Trench Coat Olive

Shawl Collar Trench Coat - Olive $34.99

No matter the color of your eyes, discover the clothing combinations that enliven your dazzling features. Add an extra element of creative contrast with colorful undershirts, scarves, and shoes. Look to your wardrobe for endless opportunities to enhance your eye color. When you're watching the world watch you, let your eyes truly shine from the inside and out!

About the Author

Ben Tabai

Ben Tabai is the Founder/CEO of Amaryllis Apparel and established the brand in 2014 as a women’s wholesale clothing business. In 2019, the company branched out into e-commerce to sell its clothing directly to consumers. Ben initially started the brand after hearing that his wife wanted cute outfits for everyday wear at affordable prices. Amaryllis Apparel is his vision for bringing easy-to-style and easy-to-wear clothing to all women at prices that are budget-friendly.